Image: cityscape from Wong Kar Wai's beautiful 2046 (2004).

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Criminy! Way too long since a post, and I have a great deal of things back-logged to post about... another day. In the interim, I'm pleased to report that as of about a week ago, we have floors once more and as of pretty much yesterday, we've got the place not only set up, but better than ever.

(Now, however, after another massive snow storm and no resealing of the balcony - yet - by the condo management company, we're more than a tad worried about a repeat of the Dread January Flood... )

Also pleased to report that I'm finishing a chapter tonight. I'm on official leaves of absence from both work and my graduate department... on the surface of it, one might think I was living the most leisurely life ever seen... instead, the days are filled by the constant fear of looming deadlines, clicking clocks, turning calendar pages (note the intentional cinematic cliche) and, not nearly as often as I'd hoped, fits of mercifully prolific writing.

Everything else, including my planned/hoped-for response to this post at BLDGBLOG on architectural paranoia, anon... And, in that vein, here's a still from Michael Winterbottom's Code 46, one of the films that figures into my discussion of urban paranoia in Chapter 2.

And, yes, I am acutely aware that this blog long ago became an exercise in deferring tasks. One day, that diss will be done and gone and I will post non-stop. Then you'll be sorry.