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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bikeopolis: Eat more cake, ride more bike.

It's Bike Month in Toronto. First, here's a quick link to an article on Torontoist about the city's first-ever bicycle parking station, which opens today. Considered in relation to yesterday's heated council debates over more Toronto bike lanes (or, as the plan's gas-loving detractors put it, the city's "war on cars"), we find citizens of TO to be pretty preoccupied with bicyc-ular issues this week. And that is certainly a good thing!

And speaking of bicycles and good things, today is the start of the 2009 Tour de Dufflet.... Pastry-loving pedal-pushers can cycle to any of the three Dufflet pastry locations (787 Queen St. W., 2638 Yonge St., or 1917 Queen. St. E.) to register for the "Tour." They then then must hit the other two Dufflet locations to have their passport stamped, all on the same day. They will be rewarded with treats at every location, and be entered in a grand prize draw. (Admittedly, I'm not sure what the grand prize is, but even if it's a Dufflet cupcake, it'd be good to win.) The tour goes until June 25.

Lastly, if this post inspires anyone to cycle it up in TO, here is a link to the city's various maps showing trails, bike lanes, etc.

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bryan andrachuk said...

Great post, Kate. I'm definitely doing this. I'll bring my pastries (rewards) by the Van de Ven-Lawrie residence once I'm done.