Image: cityscape from Wong Kar Wai's beautiful 2046 (2004).

Friday, December 5, 2008

Update: Tokyo... and Jenga Towers?

From the good news column: I recently learned that my proposal to the 2009 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference was successful. I now have until late May to figure out how to fund a trip to Tokyo (!) and to complete my paper on new narratives of gentrification in three recent city films... more "in this space" on that front in coming months....

Also, here's a quick optical riddle: Can anyone else look at this building and not see a giant game of Jenga?

Perhaps that is what the architects of this São Paulo office tower intends when they claim that "the terraces that strongly characterize the towers are nothing beyond a simple game of displacements..."? In any event, an interesting instance of the gaming of the urban landscape... hopefully one that captures a sense of new experimentation with form but leaves off the structural integrity aspect of a Jenga game...

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